Schadow1 Expeditions is an advocacy and non-profit. Since 2005, the advocacy of mapping the Philippines came out as part of a hobby.

Mapping the Philippines while traveling, with its vastness and being divided into many islands entails travel and instrument costs.

Additionally, the map we compile from OpenStreetMap data for the Philippines entails computer hardware and internet subscription costs aside from the time we use to modify the scripts to provide you a better satellite navigation maps for the country.

Schadow1 Expeditions is an individual advocacy and mapping the Philippines voluntarily with 99% of its expeditions to be non-sponsored and not funded by any organization.

We currently hold over 32 mapping expeditions, contributing 2.5 million mapping data for the Philippines.

If the mapping data we contribute or the GPS routable map of the Philippines have helped you in your travels or adventure hikes, you may extend your assistance below.

If you could help us in our travel costs, you do not only help us be happy on what we do but you also help us share the sights and experiences of the many different islands in the Philippines, map the various roads and mountain trails for use of motorists and mountaineers alike. In short, you help us share to improve Philippines' mapping data that is freely accessible by anyone, and not only limited to humanitarian, and social purposes.

You can donate the following amounts depending on how generous you could be. It is important to note though that these donations whether existing or not, we will still continue our advocacy. But of course, we are only limited depending on how our pockets can accommodate the cost. With your help, we can stretch this even further.

You can go on and donate the following amounts and is done securely via Paypal. You can also use your own credit card if you do not have a Paypal account. The process is still done securely through them.

If you would like to send your donations through other channels, please contact us.

Buy me a coffee
Php 150

Buy us our lunch
Php 500

One-way Bus Ride
Php 1,000

Fill-up My Tank
Php 2,500

One-way Econo Plane Ticket
Php 3,500

Re-supply Mapping Gadgets and Costs
Php 5,000

Pocket Money/Hostels
Php 10,000

To our donors, your kindness and the appreciation of our advocacy is recognized and this helps us to continue and move forward in improving the map of the Philippines while traveling it. Thank you!

Toy Gonzales - "Thank you!", May 2019
Jan Atangan - "I saw your FB post and so I'd like you to have a Merry Christmas!", December 2017
John Tiong - "Your work in mapping has helped me tremendously through the years, especially in looking for alternate routes.  It fills in a void when Waze is inadequate and especially where there are no cellular signal.  Keep up the good work you guys!!!", April 2017
Lian & Russel - "Amazing advocacy!", January 2015
Nelson Yu - "Your work together with Maning is really of great help for me and the rest. Kindly continue your good work.", March 2014
Anonymous - "Thank you for the updates." , March 2014
Goldwyn Ng - "You're a great help to us many thanks 2 thumbs up!" , March 2014 

You can view where our mapping contributions go and how they can be used for free in our Mapping page here.


  1. is there other way to donate? like LBC, Cebuana, Globe/Smart padala, bank account #....


    1. Please email me for other ways to donate. Thanks!