It's More Fun in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country made up of 7614 islands and thus there are 7614 reasons to stay. Know why "Its More Fun in the Philippines".

This blog is a journal of our expeditions going around the country to enjoy it and map it so a Filipino would not be a stranger to his own motherland.

The Philippines is an archipelago  to which each of the islands have stunning beaches. May it be white, gray, pink, yellow, gold, and black sand we have it here. Aside from the stunning beaches the Philippines have, we have roads as high at 2340 meters above sea level, thousands of peaks to climb, caves to explore, waterfalls to ponder, seas to dive, and rivers to raft.  Add to it the hospitable countrymen, the festivals... and of course, the food.

The Philippines is rich with its arts and craft, and its heritage is as vibrant as its history.

Having located at a very strategic location just off the coast of the main land of the southeast Asian continent just by the side of the Pacific Ocean under the tropical latitude... the temperature stays at an average of 27 degrees Celsius. The seas are abundant of thousands of species of corals and marine animals which comprise almost two-thirds of the marine species known to man.

So if you ask why we chose the Philippines? It is more than being my birth country... it is a paradise!

Feel free to go around the site and check out our travel guides to know how to get to different parts of the paradise called PHILIPPINES!

Check out the exact location of the photos in this page by downloading this KML file and opening it with Google Earth.


  1. Yes! I totally agree. My country is a paradise. Proud filipino here but just embarrassed with my government.

  2. who to use the garmin nuvi 265 wt in the philipines