License and Attribution Guidelines

The contents of this website, Schadow1 Expeditions, including texts, illustrations, maps and photographic materials are owned by Ervin Malicdem and are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA v4.0 unless otherwise stated to be under a different license or ownership.

License (11/26/2012)

Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike

You are free to copy and to redistribute the contents in any medium and format as well as to remix and transform and build upon the material provided with the following conditions:

  1. It will be re-published in a non-commercial medium. Non-commercial in a sense that the site or material that it will be published to will not be intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation such as those that contain advertisements.
  2. The medium where it will be published to must be applicable to the same license.
  3. The following attribution must strictly be placed accordingly including the hyperlink on the name of the author pointing to the URL of the article and Schadow1 Expeditions in bold. If a hyperlink is not possible, the URL must be placed inside a parenthesis after the author's or the licensor's name.

© Schadow1 Expeditions by Ervin Malicdem CC-BY-NC-SA

You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work.

OpenStreetMap Data

Schadow1 Expeditions utilizes a base map from OpenStreetMap (OSM) data to present our own mapping data layer obtained from our expeditions. On the other hand, Schadow1 Expeditions is a major contributor to the mapping community as such most of its original mapping data obtained from its expeditions are donated in OpenStreetMap and tagged as with source=Schadow1 Expeditions 

Schadow1 Expeditions also compiles its Philippine GPS navigation map based on OSM data and data from its expeditions. Copyright for the OSM basemap is ODbL. For more details, see its copyright information here.


The author of Schadow1 Expeditions has the right to request for compensation in any manner that seems fit if this licensing and attribution instructions are not followed and may also provide legal action against the violator.

Request for different usage and license

If any content of this website would need to be shared under a different license, the author must be contacted for negotiations and/or authorization. If unsure if you would be sharing the material in this site in a way acceptable to the author, it is suggested to secure permission at all times.

Materials shared by the author in Wikimedia Commons

Some of the materials in this website have been donated by the author in Wikimedia Commons bearing the license CC-BY-SA which can be used even for commercial purposes provided it is shared in the same license. Specific instructions for attribution are also published together with the photo under the "permission" clause of the Wikimedia page. Failure to follow the attribution guideline is subject to the terms under "Compensation" indicated in this page. Materials in this website shared in this license can be viewed in the author's user space in Wikimedia.

Materials shared by the author in Mapillary

Some 360-degree street-level images from our expeditions have been contributed to Mapillary bearing the license CC-BY-SA for assistance on crowd-sourced and open-sourced street-level accurate mapping of the Philippines. Use of the images for mapping reference and other purposes must bear "Schadow1 Expeditions" as the source of the data. Failure to follow the attribution guideline is subject to the terms under "Compensation" indicated in this page. Schadow1 Expeditions Mapillary Contributions.

Materials shared in a different license

Some materials in this website are licensed under a different license and will be indicated accordingly. Violation of the license will be dealt with accordingly under the "Compensation" clause in this page.

Change of License

The author of Schadow1 Expeditions has the right to change the license of any material in this website anytime and will be posted in this page bearing a time stamp on when the license change has been made. The license change clause will only be in effect to materials starting its license change announcement (as indicated on the timestamp). And the materials that have been shared prior the effectivity of the new license change are not affected and will maintain with the license conditions on the previous license; with the exception that it can no longer be re-shared on the previous license beyond the license termination time stamp.