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Bakasyunan Resort - Tanay

November 26-27, 2011

It was the last weekend of November, we went to Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay, Rizal which was a getaway passed Antipolo and near Daranak Falls; and is situated at the highlands of Rizal near Mt. Sembrano. The air was cool and fresh, and  an activity for the weekend awaits us.

There are two Bakasyunan Resorts owned by the same company. One is in Zambales and this one is in Tanay, Rizal. The resort is a 3-hour drive away from Metro Manila on a normal traffic via Manila East road and is about 54 kilometers away from Manila. This facility was previously a mansion that was sold and turned by the company as a resort. We were here last year for a company-sponsored event.

Bakasyunan Resort Main House and Lobby

The area is large and the resort can be used as a wedding venue due to the scenery around or as a family/company getaway due to the large area and facilities.

It a has a zip line, obstacle course, mudslide, KTV, ATV rental, and pool overlooking Laguna Lake. From here you can view the grandeur of Laguna de Bay and the serene Mt. Sembrano and Mt. Tagapo from afar.

Pool by the edge of Tanay, overlooking Laguna Lake and Mt. Sembrano  (L) and Mt. Tagapo (R)
KTV house by the pool side

Zip line

Obstacle course and mudslide

The central mansion is used as a dining area with lots of hotel-type rooms and a dining veranda for parties and weddings at the second floor.

Veranda and bar for parties and weddings.

Aisle on the second floor to multiple rooms

Spacious hotel-type rooms

Bakasyunan Resort Lobby

Food is good with ample serving eventhough is is single-serve. Staff are also hospitable.

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