Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Batulao Slipper Outreach a Success

December 26, 2012

Early dawn just right after Christmas, we have gone to to the streets and headed on to Mt. Batulao to give-away slippers (flipflops) for the youth and young mountain guides of this mountain at the heart of Nasugbu, Batangas that was donated by our generous subscribers, readers and friends.

Batulao is known with young hiking guides and children helping their parents bring up ingredients to their kubo stalls at different locations within the trail to give refreshment and food to mountaineers.

At 3 AM, we headed on to Batangas with a smile on our faces as we know that we will be giving away not just slippers but smiles to kids this holiday season. We actually almost missed this date due to several reasons. One of them is we don't know how to be able to give away the slippers as no one is available to help us distribute this during this day and at the same time because of the impending typhoon Quinta (intl: Wukong) that is currently battering central Visayas and Batangas is by the time we left is raining hard. But we still got lucky as we had a window of sunshine by the time we reached Batulao.

Mt. Batulao

We first went near the Kubo by the fork of the Old trail and new trail which is about 4 kilometers walk from the village with an elevation of 600 meters. And from there we met the parents of Rhialyn who happens to be their 8-year old daughter that helps them bring up ingredients to their Halo-Halo business at that kubo (hut) everyday. Mr. Elpidio Villanueva, helped us in distributing the flipflops to their neighbors who have children that either are mountain guides or those who help their parents sell their goods.

Every children were happy when they received their slippers as replacement to their currently dilapidated footwear.

We still have a few left so we then headed back down to the village which happens the jump-off for Batulao moutaineers and from there we also gave the flipflops away to young mountain guides.

This would not be possible without all of your help and so we would like to thank all those who helped us make this outreach possible.

This is added as a Pinoy Travel Bloggers' Blog Carnival entry for June 2013. "Travel with a Difference: A Different Kind of Travel Guide to the Philippines" as hosted by Grasya Bangoy of This Grasya on the Road.

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