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Food tripping the whole Philippines in one place... Fiesta Bahia

It was a Sunday night, and we are hungry and we miss Ilocos badly. But hey, we bumped to San Miguel By The Bay and learned out that Fiesta Bahia is right there so we checked it out for our Sunday food trip; and so we were there and did not get disappointed. What is Fiesta Bahia all about?

Fiesta Bahia is a project of Mercato Centrale to which Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet is a co-founder. They call their project as "Food Tourism" to which all types of delicacies from various regions of the Philippines are in one place. A great venue for food tripping if you are somewhere in Manila and nearby provinces. And when your travel itinerary does not allow you to be some place else during the weekend and you crave for a Filipino dish, this is best place you need to be at.

Fiesta Bahia is located at back of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City just at the San Miguel by The Bay. A great place to watch out for the great sunset of Manila Bay and indulge yourselves in an awesome Filipino food tripping afterwards.

I am personally fond of longganisa (Philippine Sausages) to which the Philippines have multitudes of variety of these sausages depending on the province. And I would like to try all of them out. Lucban longanissa of Quezon is personally my favorite among the others but all of them are in close call. And if I like to try them all out in one meal, well, that is what Fiesta Bahia is all about!

Longganisa Variety of the Philippines
Vigan Longganisa

And when I dig for anything that's Ilocano, they have the sumptuous bagnet and dinakdakan to which I dig whenever i'm at Ilocos way up north.

Bagnet is a deep-fried pork belly to which its difference with the normal "liempo" is the style to which spices are prepared before they deep fry it.

While Dinakdakan is almost similar to sisig which is from pork rinds but is cut bigger than sisig and is cooked almost the same way. Served hot and spicy!

Bagnet and its varieties

Sisig? You have them all here

And if you are fond of those Filipino street food "turo-turo" where even the innards of a pork is cooked to great tasting grilled food on stick, look no further and have them in very generous servings.

Isaw, Betamax, Hotdog and more!

Fish balls and crab meatballs!
Enjoy these crispy crablets to which they are deep-fried and even the crab's strong shell becomes a 100% pure crab chips and munch-able! Great with vinegar.

Only here for desserts? Cakes are available for 3 different variety slices for only a P100. And of course, puto and kutsinta  of Binan, Laguna would not make it complete if it is not there. You would be suprised how ingenious Filipinos are in making variety of cakes with different tastes and texture when its only main ingredient is rice!

Rice cakes, kutsinta, ube (taro), leche flan

International dishes and desserts can also be found here. From multiple layers of 100% beef patties for a burger, the delicious takoyaki of Japan and sweet cheats from Italy with their Gelato (ice cream) of various and tempting flavors.

Burgetti staff in all smiles being proud of their multi-layer burgers for P200
My all-time favorite Japanese Takoyaki

Chinese and Korean Dinner

ICE CREAM! Right in time for National Ice Cream Day when I was there.

Fiesta Bahia is NOT fine dining. Lots of people are trying it out when I was there; of course it is noisy. But I must say it is way better for what it is not being fine dining at all. You get everything and have the best of Philippine cuisine and more in just one place.

Price range is from P100 - P120 per meal with "turo-turo" street food ranging from P25 - P40 per stick.

Music and performances while satisfying your taste buds and bellies.

And of course, this food trip won't be complete if I am there and not enjoying it! Cheers to a great food tripping weekend!

Fiesta Bahia is at the San Miguel by the Bay strip and is there every Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 4PM to 3AM.

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