Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 Christmas Accessory Wishlist

Christmas is a time of giving and is also the longest holiday in the Philippines and everyone is waiting for it. This holiday is similar to Thanksgiving where families reunite together to share experiences of the past year, catch up on each others whereabouts, and most especially, to exchange gifts among each other. As for Schadow1 Expeditions, Christmas is so far the busiest month of our adventures. As one of our co-blogger has created his own Christmas wishlist for 2013, it is also a right time to make mine. Do check it out.

Trekking Poles

Yes a trekking pole. We have already climbed and mapped several mountains but this is something that always gets sacrificed on our expedition budget and so we fail to buy it everytime we plan to do so. A reliable trekking pole is very important so as you maintain your balance while on a dangerous ravine or helps you better on going up or down an incline using not only your knees but as well as your arms. As one of a fellow mountaineer jokingly told us, "Hey! You got GPS but you are still within the confines of ancient mountaineering... Get yourself a trekking pole!" Lol!

Our "ancient" trekking poles at Mt. Cristobal (LOL!)
The correct trekking poles!
Image from Loomisadventures

Trekking Shoes

My favorite trekking shoes is now dilapidated. This shoe, however, has served me well, but like anything, it already has met its end-of-life and needs to be replaced.

Trek shoes

35-liter Day hike Backpack

For minor climbs that can only take a day, a lighter backpack is very much needed. We currently have a 60-liter one and half of it will help up on a couple of hours hike.

Image from Ebay
Board Shorts

Traveling light is the name of the game and so we need light apparels. Big size board shorts is what we need!

Image from Askmen
Trekking Pants

To get rid of the nasty cuts by wild grass while on a mountain expedition, we need light yet durable trek pants.

Image from Kibuba

G-Shock Mudman

Going underwater? Going through thick mud and rain in the middle of the wilderness while on a mapping expedition? A watch designed for hardcore torture and lots of mud is very beneficial.

Image by motortrend

The items in this wishlist is as equally beneficial to us as well as to other travelers and mountaineers. Check out the other gadgets we currently use for our expeditions here.

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