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Coron Island Hopping Day 3

Calamian Group of Islands Beach Bumming (Coron) July, 25-28, 2012

Day 3 - Calumbuyan Island, Lusong Gunboat Wreck, Coral Gardens

Sea Gulls at Calumbuyan Island
It is Friday. The southern portion of Calamian Group of Islands is rainy however it is only gloomy at west. A right time to check out the western islands, specifically the island where they say you can hear the corals chant... the Calumbuyan Island. I have hired the services of our expert boatman, Marc, then head on to Calumbuyan Island and snorkel the shallow ship wreck of Lusong Gunboat and the esteemed Coral Gardens of Lusong Island.

The boat ride to Calumbuyan and back to Coron town cost us P3400. We then headed with our trike driver, Tabs, to the Coron Market to buy our lunch for the tour then we started our voyage once more at around 10AM.

Our first stop is the Lusong Gunboat Wreck. The gundboat has been stuck there since the end of World War II and is now covered by corals where a wide diversity of marine life as already used it has habitat. The wreck is only 10 meters deep and it is a great place to snorkel. Before you head on to Lusong, make sure that you bring some bread. The fishes like it and even just dropping a speck of a bread will surely make the fishes go gaga. Like the pictures below.

School of fish goes gaga as we feed them with bread.

Stop over above Lusong Gunboat Wreck

Striped fish under our boat.

Snorkeling around this area is free however a Tagbanwa tribesman was around that time and they collect P50/person. Again this is something that the government, specifically, Deparment of Tourism must control as this is becoming a trend in Coron. If there are going to be fees around this area, it must be collected by a government agency and this government agency must in turn look out for the welfare of Tagbanwas in the area.

After a great snorkel adventure at the Lusong Gunboat wreck, we then head on to Calumbuyan Island. This island is the 8th farthest island in the Philippine western territory. The farthest is West Nalaut which is already bordering the South China Sea. Calumbuyan Island is also known as the island with serene surroundings. You can even hear the faint sounds that emanates from corals because of the diversity of coral species in the area.

Dicoyan Island as seen from the shores of Calumbuyan
Pristine Calumbuyan Shore

Calumbuyan Island is the best place to stop over and have lunch among the islands at Western Calamian and the fee is P150/person by the hut.
Again, our boatman/chef grilled and prepared the lunch we bought from the market.

The Nipa Hut at Calumbuyan Island where you can have your lunch
Our lunch, deliciously grilled by our boatman

The island also has trees where you can rest extended hours and relax.

Our "Sniper boat" anchored at Calumbuyan
Calumbuyan Island trees where you can bum the whole day.
Photo ops at the shore

After a satisfying stay at Calumbuyan, we then head back to Lusong Island onwards to its rich Coral shores. Locals call it, the Coral Gardens.

Again, we snorkel and satisfied our sight for the undisturbed diversity of corals in the area. Snorkeling along this area is free of charge.

Stop over at Coral Gardens of Lusong Island
Heart-shaped coral under Coral Gardens of Lusong Island
Together with friends, snorkeling at Lusong
Angelfish spotted while snorkeling

After a contented day of snorkeling and beach bumming, we head back to our hotel and drink to our hearts content at Luis Watering Hole.

Darayonan Lodge at night time
Booze time at Luis Watering Hole
Together with our barista

This ended our 3rd Day at Coron.

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