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Hannah Beach Resort Pagudpud

December 27, 2011

Hannah Beach Resort is one of the few posh beach resorts at the northernmost lagoon / beach of the island of Luzon. Situated just right at the shore of the Maira-ira Beach, popularly known as the Blue Lagoon of the north. Experience one of the best resorts available to enjoy the pristine beach of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

To reach Maira-ira beach, you have to drive way up north in Pagudpud. Passing through one of the proud beach of Pagudpud, the Saud Beach, after Kaibigan Falls and turn left from Gamaban Junction right before you reach Patapat viaduct. From Gamaban Junction, you have to go down for about 3.9 kilometers passing through Bantay Abot Cave.

The only available cellular network by the time we checked-in to this resort is Smart Communications.

Hannah Beach Resort is very noticeable while driving along the road to Maira-ira beach due to it's Hollywood style signage which was installed by the hill.

Hannah Beach Resort as seen along the road and by the shore of Blue Lagoon

We checked in to this resort for a 3 days, 2 nights stay worth P9500.00. Inclusive of a house/hotel room good for 2 pax with full 3 meals a day.

Parking area is available by the lobby at Gate 1, and near the bathrooms of Gate 3.

Gate 3 of Hannah Beach Resort

They have a satellite TV installed for every hotel room however when we stayed there, the cable TV is not working and there is no wireless internet available. You can use the 3G network of Smart though for your internet needs.

Hotel house / room

View from the inside of our room.

The resort is just by the side of Maira-ira beach and so you can enjoy the breeze coming from Balintang channel any time of the day.

View of Maira-ira Beach from our hotel room

During the March-May, the beach is calm and is a perfect beach to go to. June to September is typhoon season so it is not recommended. October to February is the coldest and windiest season for Pagudpud and is a great beach to visit during these months for surfing and paragliding.

They have a bar, a restaurant that serves both Filipino and American Dish, function rooms for weddings and events. And a swimming pool. However we were not able to go to the pool for one reason... the beach is way better than the pool :D


Bar and restaurant just outside the enclosed restaurant and is open at night time.

Maira-ira Beach (Blue Lagoon) is white sand and is sometimes called "The Boracay of the North"

Maira-ira beach road just outside Hannah's
The road at Maira-ira beach also has cheap lodges and picnic areas for backpackers where you can stay overnight if you prefer to stay there cheap. And they also have "paluto" along the area to cook your food. Be aware of the cold and windy nights though as the wind from the north (cold front) during December will surely get inside your bones.

Tricycle is the main transport along the area.

Cottages at Maira-ira beach

For inquiries at Hannah's Beach Resort, you can go over their website here.

This beach resort and roads around it has been mapped by Schadow1 Expeditions and our contribution is made available for +OpenStreetMap Philippines for free use of Filipinos for their Navigation Systems.

Openstreetmap Philippines Map (link)
Schadow1 Expeditions Contributions (link)

How to use for your Navigation System (link)


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