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Cabongaoan and the Death Pool, an awesome beach getaway of Western Pangasinan

Cabongaoan Beach - Schadow1 Expeditions

The Death Pool and the White Sand Beach of Burgos. We’ve heard most of this monicker yet they only pertain to one, the Cabongaoan Beach of Western Pangasinan. This beach is one of the many beaches that can captivate your sunset-driven beach getaways in Pangasinan.

About Cabaoangan Beach

About 5 kilometers away from its town center to where the road ends is the Cabongaoan white beach of Burgos, Pangasinan (coordinates 15.992441, 119.763019). Directly facing west, this cove is blessed with golden sunsets as the sun fades away from the horizon of the West Philippine Sea.

The white sand beach is about a kilometer long where it is dotted with many homestays if one would like to stay overnight and enjoy its serenity.

The northern terminus of this beach is filled with karstic formations where a natural pool is located. This pool is famous for being called as a Death Pool (coordinates 15.994807, 119.760401) for being deep.

For years this beach, together with Tambobong of Dasol are famous destinations of southwestern Pangasinan.

360-degree image of Cabongaoan Beach

How to get here?

To get to Cabongaoan coming from Manila, get a bus ride to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. The bus will pass across the province of Pangasinan via Dagupan and Lingayen. Drop by Burgos town proper and ride a tricycle from the Burgos Market (coordinates 16.057842, 119.866968and prepare for a 30-45 minute trike ride.

By the Tambobong-Cabongaoan fork (coordinates 15.961478, 119.769002), a “local tourism” satellite office collects P20/head “environmental fee” and gives you in exchange a “chit” instead of an official receipt from the barangay or local DENR office making this collection dubious. However, it has been in effect since the beach destination became famous since the mid-2005.

The Cabongaoan Beach is a worthy alternative to the famous and populated beaches of Alaminos where the Hundred Islands are, as well as the Blue Beaches of Dagupan.

Tambobong of Dasol, Cabongaoan of Burgos, and Patar of Bolinao are white sand / golden sand beaches of Pangasinan famous for beautiful sunsets as they all face the West Philippine Sea.

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