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Authentic Bicolano Cuisine at 1st Colonial Grill

December 29, 2012

It was 3rd day of our leg on our roadtrip to Bicol and we had just been to Donsol, Sorsogon for the Whalesharks and Cagsawa Ruins at Legazpi for our photo ops. Its past lunch time and we were hungry. So where to have lunch at Bicol? Let me see... of course I would like an authentic Bicolano Cuisine! Why not do it at the heart of Legazpi City, at 1st Colonial Grill?

The First Colonial Grill is right at the first floor of Amada Hotel just near the Bicol University and they serve what else? Authentic Bicolano Cuisine. Bicolano dish is one of my favorite dishes due to its hot and spicy taste which is what I almost always dig for. Unlike other spicy dish, the Bicolano dish is a mixture of a very tasteful Filipino Dish transmogrified to a taste adventure by adding Siling Labuyo (one of the hottest chili in the world)

When we were there, we ordered the Pinangat and Spicy Mozzarella Cheese coated Mussels which is surely a treat for my taste buds.

Spicy Cheese Coated Mussels

The Pinangat

The Pinangat is a lot similar to Laing. It has coconut milk, ground pork and beef, gabi leaves and of course, siling labuyo. The only difference between the two is the serving. Pinangat is a bit drier while Laing is saucier.

After lunch, we had our dessert and it is the first time I was able to taste this as there is no other like this in Manila. We had an ice cream. But this one is Sili Ice Cream which is made up of Siling Labuyo! So what do you expect? A sweet cravings for ice cream with a kick of chili! And we love it!

The Sili Ice Cream!
 Having your meal at 1st Colonial Grill is one of the restaurants you should visit when you go to Legazpi City.

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