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Visiting Cagsawa Ruins

December 29, 2012

The Cagsawa Ruins is what remains of a church that was overrun by lava during the massive eruption of Mayon Volcano at Daraga, Albay way back 1814. No matter how its destructive past may be, what remains of Cagsawa is now a tourist attraction as it provides an exciting scenery of a church belltower with Mayon Volcano at its background.

The Cagsawa Ruins is located at Daraga, Albay, a small town beside Albay's capital, Legazpi City. The area is located 10.1 kilometers from the Mayon Volcano crater however due to the massive eruption of 1814, this church was no exception to its destructive path. Aside from being a tourist spot, this will also live as a current lesson that the area around Mayon should not be used as a residential area.

View of Mayon Volcano from Cagsawa Ruins

There is not much to do at this area except for picture taking, meditating with its serene view, eating authentic Bicolano cuisine and buying souvenirs.

Along the parking area to the Cagsawa ruins park are souvenir shops were you can buy ashtrays, figurines and t-shirts. All will help you reminisce the trip to Mayon Volcano. And while inside the park, there are more souvenir shops and "paluto" which are restaurants that will be happy to cook authentic Bicolano cuisine of your choice.

I had my favorite Bicol Express at  Jimaynah's right inside the Cagsawa Park.

The mouthwatering, spicy Bicol Express!

Cagsawa Ruins is one of the places that must be part of your itinerary to Bicol. I was once an elementary student and only see this scene on text books and now I was just here and it was an accomplishment.

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