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The Mushroomburger - One of Tagaytay's famous fast food since the 80's

July 27, 2013

Going to Tagaytay is synonymous to Taal Volcano View, Bulalo, Mahogany Market Beef... and Mushroom Burgers. The MushroomBurger fastfood has been in this same spot since 1980's. Let us check out what the fuzz is all about this burger restaurant and why is it one of the places you need to visit when you are at Tagaytay.

The Mushroomburger has been at Tagaytay since November 1980. And due to the city's climate, the area is a best location to grow mushroom. And so the back of the restaurant itself is a mushroom farm.

I have been to Tagaytay for so many times, in fact, this city is almost my second home. But believe it or not, it is only last weekend when the first time I had tried it out. And so Mushroomburger is a part of our food tripping in Tagaytay the past weekend.

Since I was young, my mother always wanted us to dine at Mushroomburger but it never materialized because when we always go to this place, we always bring our own food and have a picnic at Picnic Grove.

As a first timer, you get the to read an experience of a burger lover who is used to eating all-meat burgers. And so, here is my take on Mushroomburger.

The Mushroomburger tastes like a meat burger. Even its texture is the same. I could not distinguish the difference between a mushroom burger or a meat/steak burger. But there is one thing that makes the burger from Mushroomburger better than the burgers of the common burger chains... it is more tender and healthier; which the best burger you can get without committing any sin if you are a vegetarian.

Mushrooms at Mushroomburgers Tagaytay - Schadow1 Expeditions
Real mushrooms on display inside their store

The serving is very generous. Whatever you see in the picture is what you really get in actual (in terms of expected size), unlike the burger chains that are all just for show in the photos of their ads.

The King Mushroomburger

The price? It is way affordable. At Php126 (US$2.89) you get the largest (King) size burger they can offer with double the patties and cheese with regular fries and a soda.

Seeing from previous pictures of the establishment, they have improved a lot and their kitchen is cleaner and standardized just like how other famous burger chains in the country.

They also offer rice meals, fried chicken and fish nuggets. Pancit (Filipino Pasta) is also available. And best of all, the sundae they call as Tornado is promising. They serve their sundae generously: Full to the rim sundae with no air at the middle at only Php35. Unlike the famous competitors to which their sundaes are almost half-filled with air space at the middle and is Php10 more expensive.

Tornado Sundae by Mushroomburger
Available in Mixed Berries, Chocolate Mallows (in photo), Cookies and Cream

Parking space is available in front of their establishment. An ample parking area is also available at the side of the restaurant which happens to be the front gate to their mushroom farm as well.

Mushroom Farm for Mushroomburgers at Tagaytay City - Schadow1 Expeditions
Mushroom Farm for Mushroomburgers at Tagaytay City

The burger I ordered disappeared in just 5 minutes! Give justice to me as I had just gone from hiking Malibiclibic Falls and drove all the way from Aguinaldo, Cavite to Tagaytay via Kaybiang Tunnel and Ternate-Nasugbu Highway.

MushroomBurger at Tagaytay city is located  just right after Taal Vista when you are heading to Nasugbu from Tagaytay City rotonda.

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