Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Windows Photo Viewer Icon and the Philippines

Are you using Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system on your computers? More likely you have used the default photo viewer of these operating systems, which is the Microsoft Photo Viewer. I was working on an 8-year-old DVD archive of my photo shoots last night and my DVD-ROM could hardly read the DVD and so the images' thumbnails were not yet loaded as I look at them at the windows file explorer. And so the default Photo Viewer icon is shown.  The program's icon kept me thinking. I think I saw this before. Have you?

And yes, I did saw this before and even had a photo taken exactly from where the icon was taken as well a few months ago.

The mountain at the front is no other than Hibok-Hibok Volcano towering at 1337 meters above sea level and the one at the back left is Mount Vulcan towering at 580 meters above sea level.

The vantage point was taken at Camiguin's only sandbar, the White Island. Coordinates: 9 15 25.752N, 124 39 21.84E

The Grandeur of Hibok-Hibok and Vulcan from White Island at sunset.

Go ahead and visit this island-province in the Philippines which is called "The Island Born of Fire" and marvel at the views and even climb these volcanoes.

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