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Sagada Tourist Spots and Hostels Directory

Sagada is a place for people who search for serenity. A surreal place in the highlands of the Cordilleras at over 1500 meters above sea level. Filled with pine trees and painted with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. It is also a cultural town having its heritage preserved over the years. Schadow1 Expeditions have mapped the town, mapping out trails, hostels, restaurants, and tourist spots; aiming to create a complete directory to the town.

Alcohol and Wines 
Gabay Fruit Wines South Road

Inso Bakery Sagada-Besao Road

Treasure Link Cooperative Society Staunton Road


Sagada Pines South Road
El Cubano Bar North Road

Bus/Transport Stations

Bus Stop to Baguio Staunton Road
Jeepney Station to Bangaan and Bontoc Staugton Road


Alapo's Cafe and Resto Sagada-Besao Road +63 921 3279055
Vincent Coffee South Road
Rock Cafe Staunton Road
Strawberry Cafe South Road

Car/Bike Rentals
Motorcycle and Mountain Bike Rental South Road +63 (939) 3015610

Computer Rentals
Computer Rentals South Road

Fast Food
Siopao King South Road


Indigenous Handicrafts South Road +63 921 6455679
Pottery Store South Road

CJ Salon Staugton Road

Saint Theodore Hospital Staunton Road


Alibama South Road +63 920 8135797
Ganduyan Inn Sagada-Besao Road +63 921 2738097
Ganduyan Inn Sagada-Besao Road
Ganduyan Museum Sagada-Besao Road
George Guesthouse South Road +63 918 5480406
Green House South Road +63 918 4036571
Olahbinan South Road +63 928 4067647
Residential Lodge South Road +63 919 6728744
Billy Inn North Road +63 921 6032745
Ligaya's Transient North Road +63 918 3438415
Rocky Valley Inn and Cafe Staunton Road +63 918 4036018
Gecko Inn Staunton Road +63 920 2895471
Misty Lodge Staunton Road +63 919 6918487
Sagada Homestay West Road +63 919 7028380
St. Joseph Resthouse Staunton Road +63 918 5595934
Sagada Igorot Inn
+63 908 757 8357
Canaway Resthouse South Road +63 910 7092637
Pumpkin Place Sagada-Besao Road +63 910 7095275
Valley View Inn Sagada-Besao Road
Rock Inn Staunton Road +63 920 9095899

Sagada Public Market South Road

Reverend John Armitage Staunton Monument Staunton Road

Purified Water
Skyland Water South Road


Kimchi South Road
Sagada Lemon Pie House South Road
Pinikpikan House South Road
RJ Foods Staunton Road
Salt and Pepper Diner South Road
Sagada North Inn and Restaurant North Road +63 907 903 5309
Churya-a Hotel & Restaurant Staunton Road +63 906 4300853
+63 918 3416164
Homestays Diner Sagada-Besao Road


RJ Souvenirs South Road
Ayeona Souvenirs South Road
Sagada Souvenir Shop South Road

Tourist Spot

Rock Climbing South Road
Lumiang Burial Cave South Road
Sumaguing Cave Entrance South Road
Banao Lake

Sunset Viewpoint

Kiltepan Peak Staunton Road
Bomod-ok Falls Aguid Jump-off

Bomod-ok Falls

Marlboro Country

Hanging Coffins South Road
Echo Valley

Bokong Falls North Road
Orange Farm

Kiltepan Campsite

Lake Danum Campsite

Tangeb di Ogas Grounds


Path to Echo Valley

To Rock Climbing

Cave Connection Trail

Lumiang Cave Trail

To Bokong Falls

To Rock Inn

To Kiltepan Peak

to Kiltepan Peak

To Bomod-ok Falls

To Mainit Hotspring

To Bomod-ok Falls

Path to Echo Valley

Path to Echo Valley

Variety Stores

Aligo Store South Road
Ganduyan Store West Road
Yamashita Store West Road
Papyrus General Merchandise West Road

For a more detailed account of Schadow1 Expeditions on its Cordillera Mapping Expedition, check on the links below:


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